Why Your Work Is Making You Unhappy

I’ve had all of the above!

Does this mean you’re lazy? Not ambitious? Incompetent? Untalented? Inept?

No, it just means you’re human.

It’s not work that we hate, its the nature thereof.

Human beings were never supposed to work the way we do today – 8 to 10 hours a day, staring at a screen, sitting in the minimum-viable apparatus your company could provide you with.

Human beings are meant to be out there, in the world. Doing things that make sense, doing what you like. Forcing yourself to do something that you do not like on a day to day basis is abusing life at its best.

We hate work, why?

Because its repetitive, why shouldn’t I be doing one thing today and something else tomorrow?

We hate work, why?

Because most organizations are run like soulless entities instead of communities working together to achieve a common goal – a goal that is beyond meeting bottom-line targets and topline expectations.

We hate work, why?

Because the distribution of the fruits is never even or justified. It always passed down from the top and as it goes down the chain a slice is cut away at every stop. Those at the bottom receive only slivers.

We hate work, why?

Because we often see it as being the opposite of freedom, it binds us to do specific things, at the whims of specific people for specific amounts of time.

We hate work, why?

Because it has become less about doing your best and more about whoring your time, talent and loyalties to your masters.

The question is, how do we break this cycle, this chain of mundane occurrences that do not constitute anything of what life should be. Do I reject this world and create my own? Do I create my own corner within this myriad labyrinth? Or I simply compromise my expectations and live out this undesirable existence in the hope that I will one day save enough to relinquish myself from the humdrum of this life and do what I want.

Even with that, the question remains – when? I haven’t seen tomorrow. Today, I have the body, the mind, the being to exploit every experience to its best. What if it’s too late by the time I have stashed enough, what if something happens to indispose me physically or mentally. What then was the purpose of all the ‘work’ I put in? I suspect I do have an inkling of what I want, but fear holds me at sway.

When I do find a definitive answer – for myself, I will surely let you know! I do not have a perfect answer yet, I can only hope that I’m asking the right questions.

Question yourself, your work, your goals and your actions and you might stumble upon the right answer. So if you do not like your work maybe it’s time to ‘consciously uncouple’ yourself from it! Fear will hold you at bay, fear of losing appearances, being dependent, and most of all – failing!

Let fear prevail, it will keep you on your toes and force you to think about every pitfall, but couple your fear with decisiveness and you will drastically reduce your chances of stumbling on something unseen.


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