Defining Yourself

Life isn’t a circle, there is a definite beginning and a definitive end, what is eternal is the difference you make – cheesy, but true.

What you can do is independent of what era you are born in, what race, caste, creed you land up in. Where you land is not in your hands – where you go is. Life always gives you an opportunity to do whatever you want. The only one putting limits on what can be achieved is yourself.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not debating that someone born in a poor family has the same opportunity to make an impact on this universe as someone born into wealth, the magnitude of opportunity may vary, however it always exists.

Just imagine this – you were born a human being – in that itself, you have beaten the greatest of odds! The probability of you being born – as a human being is 400 trillion to one; in numerics, it looks something like this – 400,000,000,000,000! (don’t believe me – check the calculations here). If you could beat those odds just to be born imagine what you can do in life! How do you even define the limits!

But we often get bogged down, and we usually have a good reason for it. It’s either family, or society, our abilities or the lack thereof, and so on. What this is, is often externalization of our own self-doubt.

The ability of social norms, traditions, burden of relationships, and responsibilities to create self-doubt is a function of your dependence on them to define who you are and how you live your life (sab moh maya hai!)

Some are great warriors because they believe they come from a line of great warriors, there are those who believe they are great at business because they from families of business. But in truth, all of these traits, skills, talents – can be learned. A paupers son stealthily put in a Prince’s crib will grow up thinking of himself as a great warrior and administrator, and it is that belief that will make him so.

Talent is not born, it is learned, through hard work and persistence.

So, how do you define yourself?

Well. . . you don’t!

Tell me this – are you the same person you were 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 20 years ago?

If no, then why do you want to put that definition down in stone and bind yourself to it?

If you think you’re still the same person take a step back and ponder on who you were at all these points of time in your life (maybe take out old photographs, go through your old journals, etc) and how you’re changed – focus on the change across this timeline (make a list if you will!), and you will realize that you are probably not the same person – in its entirety. Of course, there will be traits that have stuck, but there will be many you’ve rejected and some new ones you have taken on.

You are not who you were nor will you be who you are today.

So stop worrying about who you are and focus on what you do!


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