My Spiritual Journey

I come from a family of ‘varkaris’.  A family, with 150 years of history steeped in spiritual pursuit. It was at the early age of 5-6 when I started reading Bhagwad Gita, Dnyaneshwari, Ramayana and Mahabharata. I would go with my grandmother to listen to bhagwat pravachan, kirtan, etc almost every day.

However, at that time my motivation was mostly rote learning so that I could recite everything to impress my elders or at times to read great stories without understanding the underlying spiritual tones. The motivation wasn’t to understand and practice but to be able to ‘learn, recite and impress’.

At the age of 14, I did my first ‘spiritual discourse’ in front of an audience of around a thousand varkari’s in a small village called Tandulwadi in Solapur District.

Since then, over the last 17 years, my understanding of religion and spirituality have evolved considerably through reading, listening, observation, extensive travel, and even my professional education!

I do not see myself as a religious person but a spiritual one.

Myjourney on the spiritual path may have started with religion but it has branched away having little or nothing to do with any religion. I firmly believe that religion and spirituality are separate, religion is a good place to start but eventually one has to move beyond the bounds of religion to enter the sanctum of spirituality.

To get a better idea of how I look at spirituality you can read my post on ‘finding god’.  In this article, I talk about how my journey on the spiritual path has led me away from religion.

The primary reason behind this was the inviting of religions to answer all my questions in a satisfactory manner, also what turned me off was the dogma and the often contradictory nature of religion itself. I firmly believe that religions started as a means of spiritual pursuit but have mutated into hokum of unsubstantiated rituals and blind profiteering.

In my talks, I try to bring together how spirituality and daily life are connected and how a better understanding of spirituality can improve our wellbeing as a whole – as an individual, as a professional and above all as a contributing member of society.

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  1. Geeta bodhe bhasme says:



  2. Sunil says:

    Ì agree with your thoughts.but unless you state your understanding of the religion and spirituality clearly it is difficult to understand? Religion is closer to set of principles n rituals where as spirituality is closer to humanity. Suggest alternative to religion. All sects like Art of living, Sahajyog, Saibaba etc have been trying it——-?

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  3. Manjusha Vanarse says:

    Good Article Dnyanesh


    1. Manjusha Vanarse says:

      Good & thoughtful Artical


  4. Gouri says:

    Very good!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Belief in spirituality , rather than religion
    Well said but in my opinion it’s very difficult to separate both from each other. Unless you start the belief in religion, spirituality is difficult to understand


    1. I respectfully but completely disagree. An a-religious spiritual pursuit is completely capable of standing on its own. A religious spiritual pursuit is often bundled with a bunch of rules – modulated and mutated by whims of those in place of power. Religion is often hierarchical, spiritualism is not. Religion doesn’t have space for debate where spiritualism is built on debate – often with your own self!


  6. I J S CHAWLA says:

    Very well written.


  7. The article expresses a nicely inked insight apart from practical approach to embracing spiritually in India.. Thanks


    1. Not just in India, it can be applied to any person anywhere across the globe. But yes, the context of what I understand has been set by the country I live in – India!


  8. Deepali Pore. says:

    Literally spiritual article… Great!!!


  9. dilip vanarse says:

    Inspiring article. Keep it up


  10. Tyagis says:

    A good effort indeed. It’s a long journey. Keep it up… great going. Always remember to include family in your spritual journey.


  11. M K SAWANT says:

    Good article. Probably we start with religion because that’s what is taught When we are born, tag is given to you by the society. I too believe that spirituality is different from religion. Think that religion started to guide us on path to spirituality.


    1. Also, it’s easier to follow a religious path, the lure is to be guided by easy to understand rules, but a constant reliance on those rules stunts the spiritual growth one can achieve.


  12. sumit pant says:

    Never ever actually thought of the difference between sprituality n religion.Quite an eye opener which now has got me thinking.Perhaps being Human would stand me on a sound footing.Well articulated n well composeqd Dhyanesh.


    1. An a-religious spiritual quest is an interesting idea to pursue. I might lead you to interesting answers.


  13. Rajiv Mathur says:

    Very nice article Dnyanesh


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