Beautiful Apocalypse

A beautiful apocalypse is only a pipedream; a notion to be romanticized nonetheless.

A beautiful apocalypse, if at all, will be complete – eradication of intelligence would be the salvation this world deserves.

It is almost a tragedy that greed and intelligence often come intertwined. If effectively insulated the world would be a less desirable place to consume.

A beautiful apocalypse would lay waste to those who deem themselves to be masters of what they have not created nor have the ability to curate.

A beautiful apocalypse will put everything in order. The way it was supposed to be and not the way we made it so.

A beautiful apocalypse, will not be selective. Everyone will share the same sweet end, together we will bring this world to solace.

A beautiful apocalypse will be a panacea, it will bring an end to the constant flux of fate and restore the equanimity this world craves.

There would be no blood, no gore no crusade. Only consent and elation leading to eternal salvation.

A beautiful apocalypse would be silent, one that moves with muffled footsteps, leaving behind footprints not one left to see.

A beautiful apocalypse would be swift, it would be painless, it would envelop this world like a lover’s embrace and put everyone to sleep on its throbbing bosom.

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