What drives happiness?

It is often said that satisfaction and contentedness lead to lasting happiness.

I disagree.

If anything,  the opposite is necessary to be happy in life. The want – the drive – to be more, do more, facilitates the actualization of an exquisite state of passion.

The ‘state of passion’ defined as happiness.

Happiness isn’t in having more, rather is a by-product of the process, the effort, the work that one puts in to make oneself better. Happiness that comes from the realisation of a goal is short-lived, followed by an emptiness, a hunger, only to be satiated by the gratification of the self with the realisation of a new goal. An unstable loop that we often get stuck in.

Happiness isn’t in the realisation of the goal it’s is in the pursuit.

Happiness doesn’t come from owning things, it comes from the experiences they enable us to have.

Those who base their happiness on having more than others will never be happy because there will always be someone who will have something more than you. That something is often defined as money. The conundrum isn’t whether this hypothesis is right or wrong – for some, it is, for some it isn’t.

The conundrum is how that ‘something’ ended up being money in the universally accepted social framework.

Of all the things you can pay for happiness, money is by far the cheapest.

Probably, because as humans we tend to define everything in the lowest possible denominator and in this case (happiness) – it was money. It’s evident, easy to measure, compare, etc. But juxtaposing amplitude of wealth with well being is a very trivial/crude approach to decoding the human nature.

A deeper probe would reveal, however, that we human beings have complete control over defining this MacGuffin. Each person has the ability to define and pursue their own objective – one that will to a certain degree affect the perception of happiness they have erected around themselves.

So now the question is
How do we define the prime directive for our own happiness?
How do we assign values to the variables in our lives?
Chasing which goals will make us the happiest?

I believe there is no universal answer. Each of us has to define their own and then derive happiness from its pursuit.

Deriving this goal and defining the pursuit is something that will come from looking inward, empathising with the self and separating that one voice from the noise that is the humdrum of everyday life.


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16 Comments Add yours

  1. Mahesh says:

    Happiness is relative term hence the driving options are also relative


    1. Agreed. Hence in the last 2 paras I mentioned that we have to define these driving options in order to pursue then with relative certainty.


  2. Mahesh says:

    Happiness is relative term hence the driving options are also relative


  3. Anonymous says:

    Having own definitions and perceptions is the best way.


  4. Jamma V S says:

    Very nice liked keep it up


  5. Anonymous says:

    Very nicely written blog.Good one keep writing.


  6. Harshad Bhasme says:

    Yes it’s true that satisfaction is most important . Nice writing . Happiness is hidden in Small things if we feel that.


  7. Somesh says:

    A single thought can change your world; so happens is the main part of our thought
    Happy Thought’s


  8. DILIP SHINDE says:

    Thanks for sharing
    Last para “ something that will come from looking inward, …”
    I feel this is the key… i. e. MEDITATION…. all answers and joy will come from ur own silence… and no language / literature./ philosophy can express or define that which is experienced by the individual…
    Even saying all this is too much…should have just written …Meditation ..


  9. Bhushan says:

    I believe that real happiness is the one which is not relative. Relativity and Happiness shouldn’t go hand in hand.


  10. Vaibhav Katkar says:

    It’s very true


  11. Anonymous says:

    Good take .


  12. DILIP SHINDE says:

    Thanks Dhyanesh..
    I tried to comment earlier but some tech hitch…
    My view/ understanding….
    No language/literature/philosophy / scriptures r required for spirituality n happiness. …
    all answers, joy, understanding …will come for each individual in his silence…


  13. Sunil says:

    Very close to truth. Rightous Goal setting is the key to happiness. Geeta rahasya is to understand rightousness.relativity is related to level of knowledge (gyan) .nteresting article. Keep writing.


  14. कर्नल अभय पटवर्धन says:

    आनंद हा सापेक्ष असतो.तो कसा ,कधी,कुठे आणि कशात मिळवायचा हे आपण ठरवायचं असतं.भौतिक व आध्यात्मिक आनंद वेगळे असतात.प्रत्येकाची प्रवृत्ती ते निश्चित करते.विचार करायला लावणारी पोस्ट.


  15. Raj Bharambe says:

    Interesting point of view. But i like it because it makes me think differently now. Some thought provoking comments too. 👍👍


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