The Manifestation of Thought

The manifestation of thought is action. . . or inaction. It is an expression. It is physical, metaphysical and even spiritual.

Everything we do – eat, walk, run, watch TV, make love, punch someone in the face, start a journey, give birth to a child – is a manifestation of a thought.

There is never a time with no manifestation. Even sleep is a manifestation, so are our dreams. It is this chain of manifestations that is our life, our existence. Our existence, therefore, is a constant stream of manifestations, often overlapping but never ceasing.


Some manifestations are instantaneous, over in the blink of an eye, others can take longer, sometimes years and sometimes even lifetimes.

The nature of manifestations is cyclical – thought leads to manifestation, to reflection which, in turn, gives birth to a new thought and the cycle goes on.


The reflection of these manifestations is the way everything around us reacts to these manifestations. These manifestations and the reflections thereon, make up our Universe. Each individual has their own universe, filled with strings of their own manifestations and the reflections of everything around them.

The only entity independent of thought is death – mostly.

Death is a manifestation, although, just like our birth – it is not our own!

Our birth is a manifestation of a thought. . . if so, then is our death a manifestation of the same thought as well?

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